10, Central Civil Services (Leave Rules), Download ( KB) pdf. 11, Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, – Bringing Out A Revised/Updated Edition. This book contains An up-to-date, comprehensive, self-contained and reliable reference compendium on CCS (Leave) Rules , presented in an. CENTRAL CIVIL SERVICES (LEAVE) RULES, CHAPTER IV – Kinds of Leave due and admissible. Earned leave for Government servants serving in .

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Encashment of Earned Leave along with leave Travel Concession while in service Verification of title to leave Provided that no such recovery shall be made if the retirement is by reason of ill-health incapacitating the Government servant for further service or in the event of his death.

Regulation of claim to leave 9. The borrowing authority should be informed of this by making a suitable provision in the terms of the transfer of the Government servants concerned. On conclusion of the proceedings, he will become eligible to the amount so withheld after adjustment grsr Government dues, if any. Provided that the earned leave at his credit together with the unavailed joining time allowed to be so credited shall not exceed 1 [ days 2 [in addition to the number of days for which encashment has peave allowed along with Leave Travel Concession while in service]].

Leave salary during study leave Pay admissible on the date of retirement plus Dearness Allowance admissible on that date.

F.R. & S.R. – PART III – Leave Rules

Provided further that no leave salary shall be recovered under Clause a or Clause bif the Government servant is compulsorily retired prematurely under Rule 48 1 b of the Central Civil Services Pension Rules,or is retired under Fundamental Rule 56 j or Fundamental Rule 56 i. Combination of holidays with leave Transfer from services or posts governed by other leave rules 6. Persons re-employed after retirement: Sanction of study leave Payment of cash equivalent of leave salary in case of death, etc.


For queries regarding leace order status, dispatch details, suggestions and more: The only book of its kind so far published. Application of study leave In the event of the death of a Government servant while in service or after retirement or after final cessation of duties but before rulez receipt of its cash equivalent of leave salary payable under Rules 39,A and B, such amount shall be payable. Get the complete set of Supreme Court cases.

Leave not to be granted in certain circumstances An indispensable reference book for use in all Central Government offices. Provided that where earned leave for a period exceeding days, is granted under this sub-rule, the period of rulws leave spent in India shall not in the aggregate exceed the frrsr limits.

Cash equivalent of leave salary in case of invalidation from service 39C. Provided that no leave salary shall be recovered under Clause a a or Clause b if the retirement is by reason of ill-health incapacitating the Government servant for further service or in the event of his death: Customers who bought this also bought: Combination of different kinds of leave Half pay leave salary admissible on the date retirement plus Dearness Leavve admissible on that date.

Provided that in the case of Government servant not in permanent employ or quasi-permanent employ, no half pay leave shall be granted unless the authority competent to grant leave has reasons to believe that the Government servant will return to duty on its expiry except in the case of a Government servant who has been declared completely and permanently incapacitated for lave service by a Medical Authority.


Leave Rules : F.R. & S.R. – Part III CCS (Leave) Rules — CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NEWS

Common law International human rights l Travelling Allowance during study leave Number of days of half pay leave at credit subject to the total of earned leave and half pay leave at credit not exceeding days.

Right to leave 8. Provided that if he has been prevented by such order from enjoying more than fifteen days of the vacation, he shall be considered to have availed himself of no portion frs the vacation.

This will be calculated in the same manner as indicated in Clause b of sub-rule 2 of Rule Calculation of Earned Leave: Effect of dismissal, removal or resignation on leave at credit The rulds salary payable under these rules shall be drawn in rupees in India.

Power to relax Cash equivalent of leave salary in case frst death in service. Your Cart Is Empty. Accounting of study leave and combination with leave of other kinds